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Hi. I'm David. I have a special philosophy about what I do. I've learned that it simply isn't enough to show up with my team, capture some moments, and then send you a disk in a week. That just doesn't keep me challenged to deliver my best work as a professional, and it certainly doesn't do your wedding memories any great service. So here are three things to know before you hire me:

Relationship is king

A personal connection brings an important dimension to the photos I create. It helps me distinguish my work and ensures that you're getting something special when you choose me. We're going to get to know each other. You're going to come to my house for drinks and photos (and maybe dinner) after your big day, and we'll probably will stay in touch for years. 

I get involved

I want great photos from your big day. So as I get to know you, your preferences and your plans, I'll steer you toward things you can do to make the most of my team's efforts, and, time permitting, we'll do a venue walk-through together. Finally, on the day of, my team and I aren't just shooting. We're solving problems, smoothing wrinkles, fixing buttons, finding rings, and handling anything else necessary to keep everyone relaxed and smiling for our cameras :)

I'm a print photographer

That means you're getting an album. I don't care whether it's a simple press-printed book or a boxed Italian-leather masterpiece, you're going to get a custom-designed heirloom that's filled with signature-finished images. Why? Because they're beautiful, cherishable time capsules that take you back every time you peer inside. And they don't get deleted, lost, corrupted or rendered incompatible with the latest version of Windows. To give you something to share online, you'll receive digital copies of all album and print images. Because my clients often want to know the whole story of their wedding day, I also deliver a DVD of proof images from the entire day for personal viewing only. But you're definitely getting an album :)


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