Kim and Robert are a fun-loving, in-love, and down-to-earth couple. Unpretentiously good people. So it was a real treat to be able to share in their wedding day at The Grande at Kennesaw, a pretty venue with plenty of settings for distinctive photos.

Today's team included myself, Principal Photographer Irina Tyx, and Photographer's Assistant Erin Scruggs.




If it's true that a rainy wedding day is a sign of fertility and cleansing, then Jordan and Jeff are off to a family start! Despite the steady drizzle on their special day, everyone had a wonderful time, and we got some awesome photos -- better, because of the creamy light, than would've been the case on a hot, sunny day.

Today's team included myself, Principal Photographer Irina Tyx, Associate Photographer Rudy Diaz, and Photographer's Assistant Brenda Quiroz.



The First Look

Tradition says the groom shouldn't see the bride until she's walking down the isle. As a photographer, I want to get that shot of him beaming at her radiant, affirming beauty at first sight, the expression on his face reflecting the certainty of his decision to marry her. And, optimistically, at that moment when "here comes the bride", I'll be ready to capture the expression on his face that says it all. And I'm always ready. But it rarely comes off so elegantly. 

Far more frequently, what I see through my lens when I bring it to bear on the groom is a clinched jaw, a pulsing, raised blood vessel extending from eyebrow to hairline, a glistening brow and a trickle of sweat. And white knuckles. Rarely do I see a buoyant, relaxed fellow at the altar thrilled at her stunning countenance. And frequently, the bride in a traditional first look has to give up on photographs of idyllic first impressions.

Solution: the new First Look! Get the shot before the stress of the ceremony! 



A Body of Work

I've had an affinity for cameras as long as I can remember. In journalism school in the early 80s, where I was training to be a reporter, my photojournalism class was all about black and white photography using a Nikon fully manual single-lens reflex camera. I loved that class and learned darkroom techniques as well as photography. From then until a few years ago, though, I could only afford point-and-shoots that didn't really give me the kind of creative flexibility, low-light performance, shutter speed, and image quality that a proper digital SLR does.



Standards of David Scruggs Photography


  1. Is punctual to meetings and wedding events.
  2. Arrives properly attired and well organized. 
  3. Accommodates client convenience when setting meetings.

  1. Is easy to talk with.
  2. Asks questions about your event details, coverage needs and preferences.
  3. Listens.
  1. Is willing to tailor service and print packages to meet your needs.
  2. Works with you to address special coverage needs to ensure they’re met and you’re happy.
  3. Graciously and effectively accommodates changes in planned proceedings and coverage.


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