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I appreciate all kinds of feedback, but am especially thankful when my clients take the time to tell me how happy they are with their experience.    

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Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

David photographed our wedding and my bridal shoot. When I first met him I immediately knew he was the photographer I wanted.

David has an


positive attitude

but is also very


He especially went out of his way to make my bridal shoot a wonderful experience which was great because I felt more prepared to pose for wedding photographs. In the midst of wedding planning stress, the bridal shoot experience increased my excitement for the big day and put me at ease. Knowing I had never been more beautiful, I felt extremely confident presenting the bridal shoot album to my husband on our wedding day!

David has a knack for making brides feel comfortable and gorgeous. He regularly works with fashion models and used his artistic skills to capture romantic and flattering shots my husband and I will treasure for the rest of our lives. David is easygoing yet incredibly responsive and was helpful with planning many details of our wedding day.

He spends time getting to know couples and what they want. He met with me several times to ensure the big day would go smoothly and that we would get types of photographs that captured our personalities.

My wedding flew by and was a blur as it is for most brides. For this reason, it means so much to me that I have amazing photographs of the bridal party, guests, decorations, ceremony, and send off. Brides spend more time with the photographer than any other vendor on the big day, and David's personality is sure to put brides at ease. His assistants were also extremely professional and pleasant.

David offers a

great value for

the professional

services he


He delivers a level of personal attention the big wedding photography companies cannot offer. Be sure to book David early! You will be hard pressed to find the quality of work David offers for such a good value. Hire David for your engagement, bridal, and wedding photos! You will not be disappointed. One happy bride.


experience with

the whole thing.

From the bridal shoot, engagement photos, wedding preps, ceremony, and reception. Well worth the experience, plus he makes the whole thing personal. 

I am so happy we found David for our wedding pictures. He did a wonderful job. He treats you like family and makes you feel so comfortable!

David is so

creative & the

pictures came

out amazing!

We are having dinner with him and looking over our pictures and we can't wait! He also did our engagement pictures which we got alot of compliments about everyone loved them! His prices are GREAT we wanted great pictures but without going poor and his prices were great! I would definetly recommend him you will be very happy!

David Scruggs was very professional and creative. We hired him for our one year wedding anniversary photo-shoot and were very happy with the results. After we booked him for a Saturday, we had to change the time for the photo-shoot from later in the afternoon to earlier in the day. He was very courteous and accommodated us earlier in the day.

All my family

& friends loved

the photos! I

would definitely


David to others.

Not only did David and his staff help commemorate our wedding but they became a part of the event.

They helped us

in any way

possible and

did more than 

we could have


We had multiple meetings to make sure we both knew what each of us expected. After our wedding my husband and I were both sad because we wouldn't ge to work with them anymore, they had become like family.

David Scruggs Photography was an amazing choice to best capture our wedding day. While everything one would hope would be provided by a photographer was, David also went out of his way to extend a very personal touch into making our wedding experience as warm and genuine as possible.

We could tell instantly, just by the initial phone call to inquire more about David, that he was going to be our choice. He spent a great deal speaking with my wife and answering a lot of questions that brides normally have before entrusting such an important decision to a photographer. David was very ensuring and comforting along the way. Everyone on David's team was professional, courteous, and non-invasive.

The style of


was creative

and tailored to

our taste.

Looking back on the entire experience, we are both impressed with how professional everything was executed. You can really tell that there is a high level of ownership built into the service you get with David Scruggs Photography. All of the pictures turned out amazing, and we can say that we are completely satisfied with the way everything turned out. David even invited us over to his personal home for the viewing and graced us with his hospitality and hard work he poured into refining a good portion of the photos.

Thanks David!


David is such a great photographer. He made our wedding day special. He is very professional, fun, down to earth with a great personality. I would recommend him highly.

Working with David from the start, he showed great
attention to detail and great organizational skills. We hit it off from our first meeting.

We saw

that he had a 

real good eye

for catching

"the moments"; 

He's great at being a "people watcher". Many wonderful ideas came about through the whole process. He has some great resources at his disposal for your benefit as well as his. It did not take long to know he was a fine photographer and soon he would also become a really good friend! Cheers to you David for a job well!

To know my photographer is to love him. When I first called David to inquire about his services for our wedding, we connected instantly. I was impressed that he conversed with me for two hours without even knowing if I'd choose him for the job. That meant a lot to me.

His dedication and personalization was far beyond anyone doing photography just to make a living. He invested in finding out what I like and what is meaningful to me. I chose David for his character, and his passion for photography and personal relationships.

And when I saw

his  work, I knew I

had  found the


For my bridal shoot at David's Victorian home, he instantly made me feel welcome and comfortable in front of the camera. His wife Donna is a sweet Southern Belle and a delight to be around. She even let me wear her beautiful burgundy gown for the shoot.

David is tech savvy, and he took his time to perfect lighting. Every shot was creatively and carefully planned. We didn't stop until we knew we mastered the shot and were satisfied. I never felt rushed, or like we just had to get it done. It was such an enjoyable creative experience; I really didn't want it to end. And it didn't! After the full day of pictures we realized that we missed some shots we wanted. So I came over for a 2nd day of photography.

I was seriously blown away by the amount of work he put into this. When I saw the photos from the bridal shoot I was floored. I couldn't believe the woman I saw in the photos was me! He's a master at Photoshop but most of the photos didn't need any refining. David's passion for getting the perfect shot leads him to fully engage and get to know his subject to find out what makes them tick.

He studies them to know how to best express their beauty through a lens. I believe he can find beauty in anyone and he certainly made me feel that beauty.

By the time the wedding came around, I felt so at ease with David. I was literally relieved when I saw him because he has a calming positive energy. He helped rid my wedding jitters, which is definitely going way beyond the call of duty!

During the ceremony he got every important shot but he wasn't invasive. No one even noticed the cameras which is pretty amazing. David is sentimental himself so he knows just how much the intricacies mean to the bride. He made sure to capture every little thing.

My bridal party thought his team was professional yet fun and everyone had a great time with the photos. My wedding day, like it is for most brides, was such a whirlwind. With all the stimulus it was hard for me to be fully present in each moment. Thankfully David captured all the best moments. He quickly developed the photos and he and his wife invited my husband and I over for a grand revealing on their big screen. They made us appetizers and sweet tea while we relived our magical day.

David &

Donna treated

us like family.

We're blessed to have found such a genuine photographer. The photos he took I couldn't put a price on. Weddings are incredibly stressful and mine was no different, so seeing the photos redeemed a lot of that day for me. Simply put, we couldn't have chosen anyone better than David Scruggs for our special day.



David was great to work with for our engagement shoot.

He is


about getting

the  perfect shot

and allows you

to feel   

comfortable in

front of the


He has great ideas and also is open to suggestions or ideas of your own!

This is a amazing man. Not only is he an awesome photographer, he quickly became part if the family. He will try his best to get the shots he wants and if he didn't he'll get an even better one. This man is amazing. I can't thank him enough for the memories he has given us. 


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