DSP Team

Here's most of our team, listed in the order pictured above, beginning at the left.

Nicole Lemley
Lighting Assistant
Apprentice Photographer

Nicole began as an editorial model for me and quickly developed an interest in the business side and working behind the camera. She has a great eye for composition and will be an excellent pro.

Rayven Routt

Rayven's video style is uplifting, fresh and natural, capturing the essence of being in the midst of the important wedding-day moments.  She shot her first wedding when she was a young teen and studied film and video production at Georgia State.

Nich Bach

By day, Nick is a video editor at an Atlanta video production company. Nights, he's a guitar-playing rock star  in the Atlanta band Waking the Bates. On our team, he's an intense artist who knows how to pull wedding scenes into a beautiful story.

David Scruggs
Principal Photographer

Aside from letting me do what I love, my business gives me the means to impact others' lives by providing nascient talent the opportunity, resources and encouragement to grow into independent and self-sufficient pros in their own right.

Rudy Diaz
Associate Photographer

Rudy began working with me as a lighting assistant in 2013 and has proven to be a quick study committed to making photography his profession. As an associate photographer, Rudy now is capable of and qualified to shoot weddings on his own.

Karl Lamb
Principal Photographer

In addition to shooting weddings with me, Karl is an experienced magazine and event photographer with polished orginality. His background brings an interesting compositional style to the team. His work with the groomsmen is always a client-pleaser.

Irina Tyx
Principal Photographer

Fun, but focused and never flustered, Irina has been shooting weddings longer than most of the team. As a creative, she loves our approach for the depth of attention it allows her to give her assignments. And she always impresses.

Wesleigh Sagon
Lighting Assistant
Apprentice Photographer

While she's the newest member of the team, Wesleigh's style is the most brilliantly creative.  Ironically, while she isn't shooting with us, she's a North Georgia newspaper photographer covering hard news.


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